1. Building Inspection & Rental Registration

    Find information about building permitting, inspections and rental registrations.

  2. City Attorney

  3. City Clerk

    The City Clerk's Office serves as a document and information resource to City Council, all city departments, and to the citizens of Fairmont.

  4. City Manager

  5. Communications

    Read press releases and news stories about the City of Fairmont. Get information about Fairmont 101 and how to apply.

  6. Customer Service Center

  7. Finance

    Find information about business licenses, taxes, fees and utility billing.

  8. Fire Department

    Learn about the Fairmont Fire Department and services they provide to city residents.

  9. Human Resources

    Find information about available city employment and benefits.

  10. Parks & Recreation

    Explore city and county parks and other recreational opportunities in Fairmont.

  11. Planning & Development

    Learn more about city planning and ongoing community development.

  12. Police

    Learn about your Fairmont Police Department.

  13. Public Works

  14. Purchasing

  15. Wastewater/ Filtration/ Stormwater

    The City of Fairmont Utilities serves customers by providing safe, clean, good tasting drinking water with environmentally acceptable wastewater treatment and protects the Fairmont watershed from storm water runoff while protecting and preserving our natural resources, public health and the environment.