Planning & Development

The Planning & Development Department prepares information necessary to generate new development and redevelopment throughout the City, working closely with City Council, the Planning Commission and the Urban Renewal Authority to implement initiatives that will enhance and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Fairmont.

The Planning & Development Department is responsible for current planning, which involves zoning and land use regulations as well as comprehensive planning, which addresses broad community issues by establishing guidelines for the future growth of the City.

The Planning & Development Department prepares and manages grants and other funding programs for the City of Fairmont and several community non‐profit organizations.

March 28, 2017 Economic Development Presentation
  1. Comprehensive Plan

    View and download the City of Fairmont Comprehensive Plan.

  2. Planning Applications

  3. Planning and Zoning Code and Zoning Map

    View the City of Fairmont's Planning and Zoning Code (Clearzoning) online.

  4. Parks and Recreation Master Plan

  5. Connectivity Plan

  6. Site Plan Review

    Find information and forms here to submit proposals to the Development Review Committee

  7. Revitalization Program

  8. City of Fairmont Renaissance Plan 2005