Wastewater/ Filtration/ Stormwater

  1. About Us

    Discover our mission statement and meet our staff.

  2. CSO: Combined Sewer Overflows

    Learn more about the collection system of the City of Fairmont, a combined sewer system.

  3. Engineering

    The City of Fairmont maintains a full-time staff in its Engineering Department located at the Fairmont Wastewater Treatment Plant. The department provides engineering services to all departments of the City of Fairmont.

  4. Field Services

    The City of Fairmont Field Services Department as the backbone of the Utility is responsible for a number of services that the fine citizens of Fairmont have come to respect and appreciate.

  5. Filtration Plant

    On July 19 2003 The City of Fairmont Water Filtration plant became the largest ultra membrane water treatment plant east of the Mississippi.

  6. Meter Department

    The Meter Department reads residential, commercial, industrial and resale meters. The readings are then forwarded to the Finance office for billing.

  7. Safety

    Safety training, awareness and safe equipment handling are critical facets of the Utilities Safety Program.

  8. Stormwater

    Learn about stormwater and steps you can take to help prevent stormwater pollution.

  9. Wastewater

    The Fairmont Wastewater Treatment Plant ensures that the biological purification process enhances the statewide clean water goals.