Apply For

  1. Board, Commission or Committee

    Apply for a board, commission or committee vacancy.

  2. Building Inspection / Permit

    In this section you will find all necessary information in acquiring a City of Fairmont Building Permit.

  3. Business License

    This section will highlight the necessary steps to start applying for city business licenses.

  4. Cancel City Service

  5. City Services- Start Service

  6. Employment Opportunities

    View current job opportunities with the City of Fairmont.

  7. Garbage Waiver

    If your property will be vacant for at least 3 consecutive months, you may submit a Certification for Waiver of Sanitation Fees application to have your sanitation fees waived for that period.

  8. Right-of-Way Abandonment

    Learn about the right-of-way abandonment process with the Planning Commission.

  9. Special Event Permit

    Submit an application for a Special Event Permit.

  10. Zoning Map Amendment

    Find the procedures for applying / petitioning amendments to the Zoning Map.