Street Maintenance & Improvement Charges

On May 10, 2011 Council enacted legislation authorizing a Non-Resident Employee Street Maintenance and Improvement Charge and also a Resident Employee Street Maintenance and Improvement Charge. The resident charge is billed on a City Services bill with other utilities. The non-resident charge is a withholding fee applicable to all non-resident employees working within Fairmont's corporate limits. Withholdings are reported and remitted quarterly.  For questions, please contact the Finance Dept. at 304-366-6212, Ext. 330 or by Email.

* See Resident and Non-Resident Employer Street Maintenance and Improvement Charge: Part Nine, Article 920.03 of City Code

* See Street Maintenance Charge Administrative Regulations

Non-Resident Employer Remittance Form (SMC-01)
Non-Resident Employer Remittance Worksheet (SMC-02)
Non-Resident Refund Claim Form (SMC-03)
Non-Resident Prior Payment Form (SMC-04)
Non-Resident Exemption Claim Form (SMC-05)