Parking FAQ

Why do people have to pay to park downtown?
Fees for downtown parking provide revenue to improve parking facilities and promote customer turnover contributing to the healthy economy for our downtown businesses. 

Where can I park when I visit downtown?
Fairmont has numerous options available for downtown parking including on-street, lot and garage parking (see parking map).

Do I have to pay to park if I have jury duty?
We currently provide reserved parking to residents serving jury duty at the B&B Lot. If you choose to park at any other location meters and/or fees must be paid.

How much does it cost to park downtown?
Side street parking is available at $0.25/ hour. Adams Street, parking lots and garage parking start at $0.50/hour. Daily and monthly rates are also available, please call the City Manager’s office at 304-366- 6212 ext. 315 for more information.

When do I have to pay for parking?
Parking is enforced between 8:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Friday. There is no charge for parking evenings, weekends and on some holidays as determined by the Parking Authority.

How do I pay a parking ticket?
You may pay your parking ticket:

  • By US Mail
  • Online here
  • In person at the Fairmont Police
  • At our Fine-O-Meter collection boxes located throughout the downtown