2018 Annual Report

City of Fairmont Utilities participate in 2017 WV Make It Shine Statewide Cleanup. 

Storm Water Management Plan No WVR030038

For comments about the City of Fairmont Storm Water Management Plan above, contact the Storm Water Department at 304-366-6231.

Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater runoff involves water not absorbed by the ground when it rains. Due to the urban expansion, this has become a growing concern as man-made impervious surfaces, such as rooftops, parking lots and roads increase the amount of stormwater runoff into our watershed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now considers this one of the leading causes of water pollution in our streams.

The EPA has designated Fairmont, like many other cities across the state, as a "Phase II" Storm Water Community. According to the Clean Water Act, a Phase II designation requires cities to actively manage storm water to the new EPA standards or face significant penalties. While a number of cities have brought challenges to this unfunded mandate, the Courts have upheld US EPA's ability to impose storm water control requirements. Accordingly, Fairmont, along with dozens of other communities in West Virginia and thousands nationwide, is moving to implement a reasonable storm water control program. Otherwise we will violate our federal Clean Water Act permits.


Stormwater Permit Form

Stormwater Management Plan

Fairmont's Stormwater Management Plan includes:
  • Finding and addressing illegal sanitary sewer discharges to the storm drainage systems
  • Reducing pollutants in storm water discharges to the maximum extent practical
  • Maintaining and improving the water quality in the receiving streams
  • Promoting public education and outreach on storm water pollution and prevention methods
  • Green infrastructure programs using Rain Gardens, Bioswales, Rain Barrels, etc. 

Stormwater Pollution Solutions You Can Do at Home

  • When using fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, read and follow all the directions carefully
  • Avoid applying pesticides and fertilizers before storms
  • Never apply pesticides or fertilizers near streams and ditches unless instructions allow for such use

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

  • Leave your grass clippings on the lawn. Grass clippings dramatically reduce the need for chemical fertilizer

​DEP Annual Report

Design Manual

Fairmont Uses Rain Gardens to Help Control Stormwater Runoff

2019 Stream Clean Up

​Dog Waste Stations Now Available in City Parks

​Stream Clean Up 2018

Dog Waste Station

Stormwater Rain Barrel Program