Planning & Zoning Applications


Board of Zoning Appeals- Variance [LINK]
Board of Zoning Appeals- General Appeal [LINK]
Certificate of Appropriateness [LINK]
Conditional Use Application [LINK]
Developmental Review Application [LINK]
Home Occupation Affidavit [LINK]
Minor Subdivision Application [LINK]
Right-Of-Way Abandonment Application [LINK]
Sign Permit [LINK]
Site Plan Review Application [LINK]
Zoning Text Amendment Application [LINK]
Zoning Map Amendment Application [LINK]

Application & Permit Fees

ROW Abandonments - $500.00
Zoning Map Amendments - $300.00
Zoning Text Amandment - $300.00
Sidewalk Vendor - $40.00
Conditional Use - $85.00
Variance - $85.00
Minor Subdivision - $40.00
Major Subdivision - $80.00 (Plus $2.00 for each lot)