Fairmont Human Rights Commission

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The purpose of the Human Rights Commission is to provide leadership for addressing community interaction and fairness concerns. It works to ensure that the City is not only providing services, but maintaining ways in which a community can live together inclusively, functionally, and justly despite differences, complexities, and conflicts. The Commission focuses on stewardship and service, but also on the quality of community life and the protection of the community from preventable unfair damage to the lives of individual citizens and families.


Appointments of to the Commission are made by City Council and must be residents of the City. All seats are non-ward specific. Terms are three years.

Commission Members

  • Larry Buckland, Chair
  • Cyndy Straight, Vice Chair
  • Mekell DeMary-Andrew, Secretary
  • Tiffany Walker Samuels
  • Dustin Merrill


  • 4th Wednesday of each month
  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Various Locations (Announced prior to meetings)


To submit feedback/comments/complaints to the Fairmont Human Rights Commission, please use this link below. Your submission can include contact information or be kept anonymous.