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Rental Registration Form


  1. 1. Applicant Information
  2. 2. Rental Properties
  • Applicant Information

    1. Application Type*
    2. Important
      All applicable questions must be answered to properly classify business activities and the rental database. Incomplete forms will delay processing of your application.
    3. Ownership
    4. I acknowledge that the Fairmont City Code, Section 1767.08 requires that access be provided to all areas of any structure containing rental dwellings.

      I agree to provide such access and to schedule inspection(s) on or before the expiration date of the current Certificate of Use and Occupancy.

      I understand I must pay a $20 registration fee per unit. I also understand that scheduling inspections and ensuring all rental properties have current Certificate of Occupancy is the responsibility of property owners(s).

      Property owners missing a scheduled inspection and/or failing to provide a 24-hour notice of cancellation to the Building Inspection Office will be charged an additional fee.

      Any owner(s) found to have been leasing a property for human habitation, and the Certificate of Occupancy has lapsed, the owner(s) will be subject to a fine of $100 per unit.
    5. Warning: It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dwelling unit or structure who has received a compliance order or upon a notice of violation has been served to sell, transfer, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of such dwelling unit or structure without first:
      • Complying with order or notice
      • Obtaining a transfer of ownership statement as required by the State Code
    6. All fees must be paid in full prior to scheduling and inspection.
      Payments made payable to and return to:
      The City of Fairmont
      P.O. Box 1428
      Fairmont, WV 26555